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Dockside Boat Repairs in San Diego

Over the years, San Diego Boat Repair Pros have become a staple in the Southern California boating scene.  Our passion for fixing what’s broken has brought us to the forefront of the marine repair industry, and our impeccable results have kept us there. From marine diesel repair to fiberglass and gel coat work, we offer quality, affordable boat repair services in San Diego county and beyond.

Dockside boat repairs san diego

Mobile Boat Repair San Diego - Keeping You on the Water!

Specializing in boats ranging from sport fishing vessels to megayachts, we provide quality diesel repair and maintenance services performed by experienced technicians and craftsmen.

We understand your boat is your connection to family, colleagues, and friends. When your boat needs maintenance, our team of trained technicians is ready to go. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations for repairs, restoration, maintenance, and customer service. 

Noticing a little wear and tear on your dream boat? Our yacht makeovers can have your boat looking like new again. We can replace, repair or upgrade just about anything. Imagine like-new electronics and entertainment systems, repaired and polished fiberglass, and upgraded and repaired interiors. If we don't do, we'll find someone who does to ensure your dream boat looks and feels new.

Annual boat maintenance is the key to keeping your boat ready to go when you are. In warmer areas, like San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles where winterization, is not required, regular service is just as important to keep your boat in top shape. Call and ask about our monthly yacht maintenance plans.

Mobile Boat Repairs San Diego


Our primary mission is to provide excellent service to your complete satisfaction. All of our work is guaranteed and we promise that you'll be more than satisfied with the services we provide you. We've even been known to fix the mistakes other mechanics have made, ensuring your boat is ready to go when you are. Below is an overview of some of the services we provide. Check out our San Diego boat repair services pages for more information.

Dockside Boat Repair

When you've got a boat issue, it's sometimes impossible (and expensive) to get it to a boatyard for a haul out. We provide onsite, dockside boat repair services for just about anything that doesn't require your boat to be out of the water.

Marine Diesel Repair

If your engine isn't in top shape, your fun time on the water can be cut short and lead to life-threatening situations. Before you head out this season, have your marine diesel serviced by an industry professional. From checking on worn hoses and belts to ensuring your coolant and oil is clean and topped-off, we will ensure your next sailing trip is a success.

Marine Transmission Repair 

A transmission leak can be indicative of a far larger problem. What may have started off as a small leak can quickly lead to a costly transmission replacement.  Protect your investment and have your transmission inspected today.

Sail Drive Service 

Sail drives require diligent service to keep them in top running order. Without regular service, sail drives can break down and leave you stranded (and in the worst cases, they can sink your boat!).  Our sail drive repair services can help keep you on the water and the water out of your boat.

Boat Plumbing 

Got a leaky galley or head? we can quickly track down and fix the leak, or replace the whole system, if necessary.

Fiberglass & Gel Coat Repair

If you've hit the dock a little too hard or dropped an anchor on your deck, you may need to lay some new glass down to keep water intrusion at bay. Our skilled fiberglass techs can ensure your fiberglass repairs leave you with a strong and beautiful boat.

Rigging Repair 

If you've got loose life-lines, wobbly stanchions, or structural rigging in need of attention, we've got your back.

Marine Electronics 

Electronics and saltwater truly don't mix. If you've got radar, navigation, lights, and entertainment, you'll encounter a marine electrical issue at some point. We can help track down issues with shorts, battery issues, and more, and ensure your electrical repairs are done in accordance with ABYC standards.

Winch Servicing

Regular maintenance prolongs the life of winches and keeps them functioning properly. While they may look shiny and new on the outside, inside they may be deteriorating. This is because poor maintenance results in friction and inefficiency and allows corrosion to commence. Dirt and metal grind down bearings and cogs whenever the winch is used. Your boat’s winches should be serviced at least once or twice throughout the sailing season.

Boat Oil Change

Changing your oil at appropriate intervals is the most important thing you can do to maintain engine health and performance. If you've found changing your boat's inboard engine oil to be a difficult, time consuming, and dirty process, you are not alone. That's why many yacht owners prefer to engage the services of a mobile boat mechanic to perform the task instead. We'll make sure your engine's oil is changed, your filter is replaced and check to see if your oil is indicating any problems that need additional attention.

Yacht Engine Tune-Ups

If you've got a gasoline inboard engine on your yacht, tune-ups are needed periodically to ensure the boat runs as expected. Without periodic maintenance, not only will your boat stop running, you may lose out on manufacturer warranties. Keep your boat ready-to-go with appropriate periodic maintenance.

Gasoline Engine Repair

We don't just specialize in diesel engine repair. If your gasoline inboard motor is acting up, we've got the skills to identify the issue and get your yacht up and running for your next pleasure cruise.

Water Pump Service

Nobody likes picking impeller parts up from the bottom of the bilge. Let us service your water pumps to ensure everything flows as it should. 

Marine Boat Batteries

Dead batteries can kill an on-the-water weekend. We can troubleshoot your marine battery and electrical connections and get you back on the water in no time.

Volvo Penta Marine Engine Repair

Our diesel engine techs are experienced in working with Volvo Penta marine engines and can identify problems that are keeping your engine from running at peak performance.

Yanmar Marine Engine Repair

Our diesel engine techs are experienced in Yanmar marine engine repair and can identify problems that are keeping your engine in top-notch condition.

Monthly Maintenance Packages

Every boat needs maintenance to ensure proper function and aesthetics. Save yourself some time and money by asking about our monthly boat maintenance packages. Never miss a day on the water!

Affordable Boat Repair in San Diego

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