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Boat Plumbing Repair Services in San Diego & Surrounding Areas

Plumbing is one of those things that no one wants to deal with, even on a boat. With that in mind, it is still important to make sure that your boat’s plumbing gets repaired quickly and correctly to ensure that you don’t have any additional problems when you would rather be out on the water.

The professionals at San Diego Boat Repair offer quality boat plumbing repair services at affordable prices. Let us meet you dockside to repair your boat.

Boat Plumbing Repair Issues in San Diego

Several issues can present themselves in your boat’s plumbing that can make what was supposed to be a relaxing boat ride a nightmare. Some of the problems that can arise regarding your boat’s plumbing are:

  • Freshwater Leaks: These types of leaks can occur at valves, connectors, and cracked hoses, leaving you with excess water in your bilge. Now, instead of a nice day of fishing or sailing, you’re a game of “find-the-leak” that could take days.

  • Saltwater Leaks: The number one rule in boating is “keep the water out and the people in.” Unfortunately, boat plumbing is seldom number one on the list of things you want to do on the weekends. Seized seacocks, rusty hose clamps, and brittle hoses can turn your prized yacht into the next insurance claim.

  • Calcification: This can be a more difficult issue to identify when it comes to the plumbing within your boat. Calcification occurs when calcium deposits gradually collect within the pipes and hoses that make up your vessel’s plumbing, leading it to become blocked over time.

  • Blocked Heads: Quite possibly the worst situation, aside from sinking, of course, is a clocked head. Whether the blockage is just below the toilet, or deeper inside the lines, it is sure to be a smelly, messy job. If one of your guests has flushed a wipe or other prohibited item, we can get it out and get you back on the water.

Dealing with the plumbing in your boat can be a stressful situation if you don’t know the best course of action to take when it comes to repairing these issues. To deal with the complications in your plumbing promptly, find a service provider that can provide dockside plumbing repair services in San Diego.

When to Seek Boat Plumbing Repair Services in San Diego & Surrounding Areas

You should begin seeking a reputable boat repair service when you notice certain things off about the plumbing of your vessel.

  • Are you noticing your vessel is leaking a bit near pump handles or seacocks?

  • What about the thru-hulls in your boat? Do they appear to be draining slowly or not at all?

  • What about the smell aboard your boat?

  • Are you smelling something reminiscent of sewer garbage or rotten eggs?

If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s probably a good time to get the plumbing within your boat serviced. These are not issues that you want to ignore or try to solve on your own as they may be indicators of bigger problems.

With that in mind, it is important to take your vessel to a service provider that is trustworthy and thorough in their work. We understand that finding the right boat service provider in San Diego can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.


The pros at San Diego Boat Repair are here to help. We are committed to your satisfaction and do our absolute best to provide efficient, quality boat repair to boat owners throughout San Diego and beyond.

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